Abon Plastic…

Founded by Agostino Bonetti more than 30 years ago, they carry out thermoforming for plastic materials; thanks to the employed technologies, it creates solutions for packing, exhibition and handling of any kind of parts. The services offered can satisfy the requirements of many marketing categories, such as electronics, cosmetics, the automotive sector, mechanics, the food and pharmaceutical sector.

In its premises of Gornate Olona, in the province of Varese, built about ten years ago on a surface of 4000 square meters, productions are carried out with modern systems from plates and reels, having high levels of precision, for an available forming area of 1500x800 millimetres for the plates and of 800x600 millimetres for automatic productions from reels.
Abon Plastic is able to satisfy the customers’ requirements, from the preliminary research of thermoformed products, to the design, until the carrying out of the mold through its technical office and the machine shop inside the factory.

After the phase of creation of the mold and of the finished product it offers a service of wrapping and packing of parts, both hot and at high frequency, in order to meet any Customers’ requirements.

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